The Hong Kong Designers Association

was founded in 1972. We are the biggest
designers association in Hong Kong

Mission & Vision

The Hong Kong Designers Association was founded in 1972. The Association is the first of its kind in Hong Kong, and is a design body to advocate public interest in design and higher professional status for practising designers in government, cultural, entertainment, commercial and industrial sectors, for full-time, part-time teachers and administrators on the academic side of designing.

Unite + Stimulate Apart from building up the synergy among Hong Kong designers and stimulating a vibrant environment for creative professionals, The Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) had been striving, since 1972, to inspire the public and next generation with innovations and creativities.

Recognize + Strengthen With our biennale Global Design Awards (GDA) being one of the most significant platforms for recognizing critical design achievements around the world, we strive to set new standards for industries and make Hong Kong as one of the leading design capitals amongst Asia’s cities. Furthermore, we work to sustain professional standards integrated with the code of professional practice.

Crystalize + Disseminate We carry out research to crystalize and measure the impact of design on business and society for collective good. It is of great essence that we co-create with other industries to amplify the power of design in bringing together a viable and dynamic environment for all stakeholders.

Serve + Cultivate We care about society. Only with such vision can Hong Kong continues to nurture socially responsible talents that contribute for the collective good of creative industry. It is also our focus to promote and cultivate creative lifestyles in Hong Kong.