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Gooris Frederic


Studio Gooris Limited

Frédéric Gooris is the principal designer of the Hong Kong based Studio Gooris Limited, an award-winning design consultancy specialized in fusing innovation with...

Frédéric Gooris is the principal designer of the Hong Kong based Studio Gooris Limited, an award-winning design consultancy specialized in fusing innovation with narratives into surprising products.

After obtaining the Master in Design at the Domus Academy [Milan] in 1999, his career took off at the prestigious studios of Philippe Starck [Paris] and Stefano Giovannoni [Milan] working on a very wide range of projects for internationally renowned clients such as Alessi, Magis, Nissan, Siemens, Laufen and Target to name a few.

In 2004 he founds Studio Gooris in Milan and in 2010 he moves to Hong Kong, bringing Studio Gooris to one of the most dynamic cities in the world at the doorstep of the factory of the world.

Today, our works span over a wide range of industries from consumer products, fashion accessories, lighting, travel to personal care for established global companies and daring start-ups alike, including Alessi, China Southern Airlines, Nespresso, Seiko, Levis and Rollogo, among others.

Besides being a creative mind, he is also a driven entrepreneur: in 2009 he co-founds Bombol, the company behind some of the most exciting, innovative kids’ furniture.

Studio Gooris has been elected in the top 10 design studio’s of Hong Kong by “The Culture Trip”.

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  • Virgula Divina, Bottle opener for ALESSI

    Virgula Divina is the Latin term for the Y-shaped rod that is used as a supernatural tool to find underground sources of water. This ancient practice was the inspiration for the creation of an instrument that both literally and conceptually creates access to a beverage. A perfect drawing transformed in a practical bottle opener: the freshly broken wood has the ideal shape to grab the cap of the bottle, while the other endings are soft and natural, giving a comfortable grip. Compact in size, it is suitable for both domestic and professional use.

  • Bamboo, baby bouncer for BOMBOL

    The bouncer your kids would invent (if they had a degree in engineering). Bamboo is not just for babies: to be certified, a bouncer must support 9kgs, or an average 2 year-old. We wanted our bouncer to last a little longer than that. So ours is certified up to 18kg, or roughly a 5 year-old (we tested it up to 100kg just to be on the safe side). Much more useful for much, much longer. The Bamboo’s patented dynamic backrest lets your child choose their position simply by shifting their weight, like an ergonomic office chair that follows your movements.

  • L'orologio, watch for ALESSI

    With a single stroke of a pen, l’orologio fuses all elements into a simple bidimensional case, capturing the essence of the classic wrist watch. ALESSI's request was to go back to basics: a passe-partout stainless steel, inexpensive watch with high perceived value; or to quote the brief : "THE Watch from Alessi". Limited to work almost exclusively with off-the-shelf components, the graphical approach of the watch icon proved to be the key to unlock this project. The glass gently rests on top of the thin frame, revealing the big dial that lies well below the surface. This unexpected...

  • Kompas, Magnetic hinged eyewear for ALESSI

    The Kompas Collection is inspired by the simplicity and brilliance of a compass. The extra-thin but powerful embedded magnets do not only create a floating hinge based on magnetic attraction, they also allow you to unfold the frame one-handed with just one simple gesture, using the magnetic orientation the same way a compass needle always points North. Imagine slipping on your sunglasses without taking your attention off the road or fumbling with your shopping bags. This magnetic hinge delivers long-term durability: the temples of the frame will never become loose over time as the magnet system replaces the...