The Hong Kong Designers Association

was founded in 1972. We are the biggest
designers association in Hong Kong

Au Yeung Hei

Design, for me, is to make things better.
We meet and SHARE here.

Design, for me, is to make things better.
We meet and SHARE here.

  • Jia's show invitation card

    Jia, the Chinese artist who based on Paris, was going to have her first exhibition. An invitation card was designed for the purpose. Featuring her english surname in the cover and chinese surname diecut inside, which is representing her foreign-chiense nature.

  • Monthly Art Magazine

    Art Magazine Forcuing on various events in the Fringe Club, one of the famous independent art center located in central. In order to match different kinds of art-events, plain and simple grid-format is the best solution. On the other hand, large images were applied on the cover to give great impact for the readers.

  • Brand Revamp for Bling Bling

    A revamp program for a jewelry brand which targeting young customers. While the previous brand image is kind of "teenager", the new one feels more trendy and focusing on age group of 20-35.

  • Broadway Promotions

    A campaign of designing full set of promotion items including Poster, Leaflet, POPs, Banner for the Broadway Photo Supply Limited. The foucs of the design is Joey, the singer and Addias's souvenirs.