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Tim is a well-known figure in the Hong Kong design profession.  He spent 5 years studying Architecture in the United Kingdom and subsequently worked for the renowned firm of...

Tim is a well-known figure in the Hong Kong design profession.  He spent 5 years studying Architecture in the United Kingdom and subsequently worked for the renowned firm of global architects, Foster + Partners.  In 2000, he returned to his native Hong Kong and advanced his career with a number of award-winning firms in various Project Director roles, specializing in workplace design and implementation for prestigious financial sector clients.  Fulfilling a lifetime ambition to run his own firm, he established Tiron Interior Architecture in 2009.

Tim’s works have received numerous awards, including Hong Kong Trade Development Council Lighting Design awards, Perspective 40under40 awards, Perspective awards and Formica Design awards.  He has been the judge of awards at the Caritas Bianchi College of Careers, Today’s Living magazine and Perspective Student awards.

Tim’s designs have been featured in various publications, such as the leading design industry magazine Perspective andThe South China Morning Post, as well as on television.

Tim was the director and elected to the Executive Committee Member of the internationally accredited Hong Kong Interior Design Association (2009-17), Hong Kong Designers Association and Asia Pacific Creativity Industries Association.  He is also a member of the China Institute of Interior Design.  Tim also serves as a HKTDC advisory committee member; Panel member of the Design Incubation Programme and PMQ.

Tim is committed to “giving back” to the wider society.  He was appointed as the HKU Space external academic committee member, a part-time lecturer and instructor at the City University of Hong Kong – SCOPE, Hong Kong Design Institute of Vocational Education and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, he shares his knowledge and experience to inspire future leaders in the interior design profession.


鄭添強是香港的知名設計師,作品曾榮獲香港貿發局照明產品設計大獎、《透視雜誌》40under40大獎、《透視雜誌》設計大獎等多項殊榮。曾擔任明愛白英奇專業學校、《今日家居》雜誌和《透視雜誌》學生設計大獎評委。設計作品備受各大傳媒關注,當中包括設計界的權威雜誌《透視雜誌》和《南華早報》以及多次電視節目專訪。 鄭先生於2009年起當選國際認可的香港設計師協會(HKDA),  香港室內設計協會(HKIDA), 亞太文化創意產業總會(APCIA), 香港中華總商會文化產業執委會及貿發局擔任諮詢委員會委員; 香港設計中心營運的設計創業培育計劃及PMQ計劃的評審小組成員。 鄭先生曾任香港大學專業進修學院學術委員會委員。香港專業教育學院兼職講師。


鄭先生於2009年起當選國際認可的香港設計師協會(HKDA),  香港室內設計協會(HKIDA, 亞太文化創意產業總會(APCIA, 香港中華總商會文化產業執委會及貿發局擔任諮詢委員會委員; 香港設計中心營運的設計創業培育計劃及PMQ計劃的評審小組成員


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  • "綠"升級的家

    The unit is 600 feet of house. House is not allowed to change the house outside the pipe, in addition to the owner of the couple has lived in this space for more than 10 years, very boring unit! Homeowners hope to be able to unknowingly place debris, but also hope that the environment to provide a quiet and solid sense of Japan. Plants can be common and do not need care. We through the glass wall design can reduce the use of lighting and unnecessary decoration! The use of bamboo forest glass interval, brought out the green...
    單位是600尺的夾屋。 夾屋是不可以更改屋外喉管,此外屋主夫婦已在這個空間居住了十多年,對單位十分厭悶!屋主希望能夠要做到不知不覺地擺放雜物之外,還希望環境供給到安靜沉實的日本感。能常見植物而不需要打理。 我們透過玻璃牆身設計可減低使用燈光及不必要的擺放裝飾!運用竹林玻璃間隔,帶出了綠色風貌,玻璃牆包含了實用性及裝飾。 由於玻璃間隔,對於隔音、空間感也得到最高利益! 佈局方面,我們透過改變所有房間的地理位置;建造及使用玻璃牆的方法,令到生活空間得到新鮮感。 玻璃牆內藏竹林及燈光,能夠簡單地帶出其的主題。 設計後的環境好似置身於五星級酒店一樣高貴!

  • 神秘的堡壘

    Tai Po, known for its majestic garden houses, is home to a new architectural point of interest. The 2,100 square foot home excels at slowly revealing itself, creating a playful sense of mystery and anticipation. Surrounded by a private garden, the renovated building is set over four floors. When visitors come to call, they enter via a custom-crafted steel gate and are directed up a garden path surrounded by verdant natives. Once inside, the airy open-plan kitchen features a long, oval dining table that nestles neatly against the curved kitchen bench. The kitchen leads on to the lounge area...
    其最精彩之處在於它猶如一個層次豐富的寶藏。 每走前一步,你會期待下一個驚喜,既神秘又好玩。 地面先經過一個神秘的花園進入,之後進入開放式廚房,廚房連接一個可旋轉到不同角度的餐桌適合唔同情況使用。 客廳最惹人注目的是一道新改建的樓梯及電視機牆身。 牆身有一條被拉開的裂縫帶出神秘感!音響器材儲物櫃亦成為樓梯的一部份! 還有其他神秘的地方在其他樓層。

  • Reorient Group Office

    Images of the stock market and Hong Kong skyline have been fused together to help create this sparkling contemporary office space for a rapidly expanding financial securities company. A major challenge in this design was combining the company’s Chinese heritage and cultural values with modern ideas of global commerce and finance. To reflect this message, more than 70 pieces of stainless steel were laser cut to create a striking feature wall of the Hong Kong landscape. The uniquely memorable design in the reception area represents the determination of the company to succeed in the city, as well as acting as...
    這家位於金鐘的金融證券公司,其辦公室的設計充滿現代感,股票市場和香港維港的圖像互相輝映,與該公司蒸蒸日上的業務彼此呼應。 對設計師來說,設計這所辦公室的最大挑戰,是要把該公司一些中國傳統元素和文化價值,與現代世界的全球經濟商貿融為一體。為此,設計師找來七十塊經鐳射切割的不鏽鋼片,在接待處造出一幅以維港高樓大廈為圖案的鋼牆,這幅牆奪目耀眼,既象徵該公司的雄心壯志,亦隱喻股票市場有起有跌。 牆這個元素,為面積達八千平方呎的辦公室帶來不少設計意趣。設計師以玻璃作為隔板,別出心裁地為空間分段,從而為周圍堅實的牆拓展出空間感。周圍的中國藝術品和特別燈光效果,更平添一份柔和之美。 辦公室的設計甚具彈性,設計師致力拓展空間,以應付該公司將來增聘人手之需要。以交易室為例,工作空間可因應需要而擴張,度身訂造的書桌,更可以多種形式安置,而每一種形式也方便安放電腦,並確保電腦不會過熱。 特別為員工工餘而設的用膳房一片鮮紅,為辦公室的黑白主調注入活力。整個設計項目的預算開支不高,而且僅花了六星期便告完成。