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Message from the Editorial Team

We are proud to present the HKDA Mentorship Programme as a catalyst to groom future leaders of Hong Kong creative industry. Six groups of design students, fresh graduates and young apprentices were shortlisted as mentees of the programme according to their stream and experience. For the coming few months, led by six renowned design professionals of the fields, Mr. James Law, Ms. Polly Ho, Ms. Mandy Tsang, Mr. Eugene Sze, Ms. Jasman Pang and Mr. Bruce Wan, these six groups of mentees will be working on following assigned topics respectively:

  • Cybertecture – Smart Cities
  • Chinese Style Clothing
  • Motion Graphic Design and Its Skill-sets
  • Vernacular Design in Hong Kong – Object, Concept, Style
  • The Power of Visual Communication Design
  • Emerging Design Fields

The progress, insights and outcomes of the projects will be shared on this platform so that not only the creative communities but also a wider group of audience can be inspired. We believe that, by providing a platform for constant dialogue of design issues, a better understanding on the importance of design can be promoted across this lively city.


Mandy Tsang

(Motion graphics)

A study of the birth of motion graphics design and its impact.

Today digital era, as communication technology advances rapidly, print design evolves into motion graphics as mainstream media communication changes. Motion graphics designs are widely used in different platforms, from televisions, advertisements, internet, mobile devices UI designs, feature films and even music videos. The application of motion graphics has already penetrated the productions in advertisements and TV station ID and internet videos, its effectiveness is undeniable as it gives direct visual impact to viewers. It brought about immense impact to the ecology of traditional advertising industry. Motion graphic design benefits from the development of digital technologies, designers now can easily creates multimedia productions and its potential is limitless.
So, what are the essential skill-sets that a motion designer should possess in order to win a place in the industry?

One must be equipped with the ability to conceptualise and execute stimulating motion graphics designs and also analyse and predict future trends in motion graphics design.

Chinese style clothing

Polly Ho

(Fashion design)

Chinese style clothing is no longer popular in the recent decades. So why we all dress like western style now? Should a Chinese dress up in Chinese style clothing? OR some kind of clothing with Chinese elements?
It seems like there are some designers and brands are trying to arouse this topic, and get more people to wear Chinese style clothing. How do you think about this? Would you wear yourself as a Chinese?
It is a good chance for mentee to re-think and find out your self-identity.
Through tutorials, discussions, mentee is responsible to create 5 articles related to this project.

The power of visual communication design

Jasman Pang

(Visual communication design)

Recent, the word of “visual communication design” seems to replace the word of “graphic design” in design industry. Any reasons on it? In this mentorship programme, we will discuss how much the power of visual communication design in design and marketing industry? If you want to get this secret on it. Don’t miss out the chance!

The theme is going to cover the interactivity between users learning and designers thinking; the narrative of storytelling; applied on transmedia and aesthetic on visual design.

Upon successful completed those topics, you will able to demonstrate the clearly understanding and dynamic learning of visual communication design.

Cybertecture – Smart Cities

James Law


Cities accommodate more than 50% of the world’s population, and this is increasing during 21st Century. Architects will be challenged to understand, research, innovate and design new cities that will need to be smarter. Our mentorship theme is Cybertecture – Smart Cities, in which we will together explore the issues facing cities, and the potential designs that may have the greatest impacts on the future of cities.

Emerging design issues

Bruce Wan

(Education / Interactive media)

Design is an ever changing field, it evolves dynamically over the last two decades. While the disciplinary boundaries started to fuse, new fields of practice also emerged, many of them are little known by outsiders (for example: social innovation, service design, interaction design, user-experience design, information architect, design research etc.). The emerging design issue is a column reporting (new) design issues, trends and fields that happened locally and internationally but little known by general public. It is a platform for those who interested in keeping abreast of design knowledge happened around the globe.

For the first round, we will explore three design fields little known by general publics: Social (innovation) Design, Service Design, and Design research. Every mentee is responsible to create 5 article related to the new field of design.