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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | BOND Penholder

BOND Penholder


Kinoshita Mui, the president of Form & Shape, comes from a strong multicultural background. An industrial designer by training, she explored and studied design in Hong Kong, London, Helsinki, Milan and Japan respectively.

Mui considers the value of design thinking and innovation the core factor in forming and shaping a better world. She has earned numerous design awards and exhibited her works around the world such as Tokyo Design Week, Milan Design Week and New York ICFF.


The “BOND Penholder” breaks away from the conventional shape of a pen holder. The new form follow its function that plays with a connection of 3 tubes in different levels to fit the users’ stationery in various lengths.


She also likes to take this opportunity to thank the manufacturers, the Hong Kong Designers Association and GDA team.

木下無為,Form & Shape首席設計師,來自一個豐富的多元文化背景。她是一位受過 專業訓練的工業設計師,曾分別於香港、倫敦、芬蘭、米蘭和日本等地研習設計。

木下認為要創建和塑造一個更美好的世界,設計思維和創新就是核心元素。她曾榮獲多 個設計獎項,並於世界各地如東京設計周周、米蘭設計周和紐約ICFF展出她的作品。

「BOND Penholder」打破舊有筆筒的常規形狀,其嶄新的形狀遵循功能,以連接着的 三個高度不一的圓筒,配合用家各種長度的文具。