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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | Bridged Houses

Bridged Houses


Ida Sze and Billy Chan are Hong Kong architects, who founded Ida&Billy Architects in 2013. They have a diverse cultural background with 15 years of working experiences in Hong Kong, Beijing and Basel (Switzerland), for local and world masters of Herzog un de Meuron, Steven Holl and Rocco Yim.

Ida&Billy aims at resolving problems and creating architectural interest out of simplicity and an integrated whole. Their projects cover architecture, interior design, art installation, as well as urban renewal. They have involved in the design and execution of several awarded buildings, in particular Ida is the designer for the Wo Hop Shek Columbarium, which was awarded HKIA Annual Award 2013 Medal of the Year. They have also owned several international and local design awards, including Tokyo International Membrane Design Competition First Prize, 2010 Shanghai Expo Hong Kong Pavilion First Prize, Perspective 40 under 40 Design Award 2010, and recently the Design for Asia Award, and A’ Design Award.

For most of Ida&Billy’s projects, the given site context and its programme give them much inspiration to the design approach for the individual projects. Their research on the site context, history, user needs – all give them rich sources to derive the design solution.


For the “Bridged House”, the existing condition of the site and the houses put on much constraint that they cannot alter to a large extent. Yet they found the potential of the existing elements – the pool, stairs and landscape garden – that by minimal alteration, or simply cleaning up would reveal the beauty of the site, and they integrated all elements as a whole to achieve a fluent, connected and functional habitat space.

With its long established history in design competition, GDA provides Ida and Billy with a precious opportunity to showcase their design in the Asia-Pacific region and to the world. The team is very pleased with honour to be awarded these two precious awards.

Special thanks have to go to Mr. Henry Tang & Mrs. Lisa Tang, the clients of “Bridged Houses”, who offered the duo this generous opportunity, for their kindness, patience and everything. Great thanks as well to the whole project team for their professional and wholeheartedly teamwork. Last but not least, heartfelt thanks to Mr. Raymond Fung and Mrs. Salome Fung for their wise and generous mentorship, support and friendship for the past decade.

A good project requires immense hard work and patience. Nevertheless, considering the amount of materials, energy and labour used for a building project, and the effect it has on the daily lives of the users for many years, the team believes the effort is a must – as a form of respect to the users, to the team and to the environment.


施琪珊及陳維正是香港建築師,於2013年創立Ida&Billy Architects。他們擁有不同的文 化背景,於香港、北京和巴塞爾(瑞士)等地有超過15年的工作經驗,曾為本地和國際 大師如Herzog un de Meuron, Steven Holl及嚴迅奇等設計。

Ida&Billy的目的是解決問題,於簡約統一的整體中創造建築特色。他們的項目涵蓋建築 、室內設計、藝術裝置以及市區重建工作。他們亦曾參與一些獲獎建築物的設計及製作 ,施更是和合石靈灰安置所的設計師,獲頒香港建築師學會年獎2013年全年建築大獎。 他們亦榮獲多個國際及本地設計大獎,其中包括東京國際薄膜設計比賽冠軍、2010年上 海世博會香港館設計比賽冠軍、2010年《透視雜誌》四十設計驕子獎、最近更勇奪亞洲 最具影響力大獎及A’國際設計大賽大獎。

Ida&Billy的大部份項目,原有的位址環境及規劃都為他們的各個設計方案帶來很多靈感 。他們就位址環境、歷史與用戶需求所做的研究給予他們豐富的資源去構想設計方案。

「橋接房子」的位址和房屋之原有條件存在多種約束,他們不能作很大程度的改動。然 而,他們發現了原有組件的潛力 — 水池、樓梯和園林景觀 — 透過最少的改動,或乾脆 清理原址就能揭示該處的美。兩人集所有元素於一體,成功建造了暢通、相連和功能性 的住所空間。

環球設計大獎歷史悠久,施、陳自覺因此得到寶貴的機會,在亞太地區和世界各地展示 自己的設計。建築團隊亦非常高興及榮幸獲得此珍貴的獎項。 「橋接房子」的客戶唐英年先生和唐太太郭妤淺大方給予施、陳這次機會,二人藉此特 別感謝他們的好意、耐心及一切,以及整個項目團隊的專業和全力投入。最後,他們衷 心感謝馮永基先生和馮太太過去十年睿智又大方的指導、支持和友誼。

一個好的項目需要付出很多努力與耐心。儘管如此,考慮到材料、能源和用於建築項目 的勞工數量,以及這些將對用戶日常生活帶來的多年影響,他們團隊相信努力是必須的 — 作為對用戶、團隊和環境的一種尊重。