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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | Haiku® by Big Ass Fans®

Haiku® by Big Ass Fans® Big Ass Solutions

Headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky in the USA, Big Ass Fans designs, engineers and manufactures high performance, high-tech and energy-saving fans that range up to 24 feet (7.3m) in diameter, since its founding in 1999. Unlike typical fans, Big Ass Fans couples energy-efficient motors with patented airfoil designs, inspired by airplane wings, to move large volumes of air quietly and efficiently. The fans have been used in several green buildings across the globe, helping to reduce HVAC’s energy costs and improve comfort. Big Ass Fans sells products for residential, commercial and industrial markets in more than 125 countries/regions and operates offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and Canada.


At the time when the company was founded in 1999, their first models were designed to bring comfort and safety to farms and factories, which typically lacked air-conditioning. Customers started installing their industrial fans in air-conditioned schools, churches and offices, so they invented a silent motor and offered stunning designs to meet the sound and aesthetic needs of these spaces. The Haiku fan, the reinvention of the home ceiling fan that boasts an award-winning minimalist design and revolutionary energy-efficient motor. The sleek, strong and durable Haiku fan’s airfoil is made of sustainable five-year moso bamboo, symbolising Chinese virtue. While it features a unique aerodynamic profile, resulting in smooth and silent natural breeze with 7 speed levels in low energy cost. Furthermore, the word Haiku originates from a very short form of Japanese poetry, typically characterised by three qualities, just like our three blades. A haiku traditionally contains a kigo, a word or phrase that implies the season of the poem, symbolising our natural breeze cooling you year-round.

Cover_GOLD_Big ass fan

Big Ass Fans would like to thank those projects of leading commercial buildings in Hong Kong and other Asian countries, they strive to save cooling energy by adopting energy-efficient tools like ceiling fans, such as Zero Carbon Building, MTR, PMQ, LF Logistics and Pat Chun. With their support in using ceiling fans, the company is able to reduce cooling costs by 20% and achieve a greener and healthier environment, without sacrificing comfort. Lastly, they also expressed their thanks and satisfaction with the services provided by HKDA.

創建於1999年的必愛風公司,總部位於美國肯塔基州列克星敦市,主要從事風扇設計、 工程及製造。公司精於製造高性能、高科技和低能耗的風扇,直徑最大可達24呎(7.3米 )。必愛風風扇與眾不同,憑藉其高效電機和受飛機機翼啟發的專利扇翼設計,風扇可 以安靜高效地帶動大量空氣流動。風扇為全球眾多環保建築採用,可以幫助節省空調開 支、改善舒適度。公司產品於全球超過125個國家和地區銷售,已在香港、新加坡、馬來 西亞、澳洲和加拿大設立國際分支。

1999年創立之時,公司設計的第一批風扇主要是針對缺乏空調的農場和工廠,為他們帶 來舒適的涼風和安全的環境。此後,客戶開始在配有空調的學校、教堂和辦公室安裝他 們的工業風扇,因此他們發明了靜逸的電機及簡約的Haiku吊扇,藉以滿足這些空間對靜 音和審美的需求,該款家用吊扇屢獲殊榮,獎項涵括簡約設計風格和革命性節能發動機 。流線型設計的Haiku吊扇功能強大,並且材質採用可持續的五年毛竹,亦象徵華人的美 德。它獨特的空氣動力學外形,可帶動柔順和安靜的自然風,並有可調校的7種速度,耗 電極低。此外,「Haiku」一詞源於日本的三行俳句詩,形式簡單,正如Haiku吊扇的三 塊扇翼。而「Haiku」詩中必定要有一個季語,所謂季語是指用以表示春、夏、秋、冬及 新年的季節用語,亦象徵他們的自然風之氣息。

必愛風非常多謝香港及其他亞洲城市的領先商業建築項目,他們積極尋找高能效設備包 括風扇,致力節省空調消耗,例如零碳天地、港鐵、 元創方、利豐物流及八珍。此等建 築項目採用風扇後,可以幫助節省空調開支達20%,創建更加綠色而健康的環境,同時 亦毋須犧牲舒適性。最後,得獎者亦對香港設計師協會提供之服務表示感謝及非常滿意 。