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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | Hong Kong Public Housing

Hong Kong Public Housing 公屋不只是公屋

PplusP Designers Limited This is a 260 square foot public housing unit in Hong Kong. By fully utilizing the space, this unit was converted into a 2 bedroom home capable of accommodating up to 9 persons to sleep over. Once you enter through the door, you are greeted with the warming glow of pine and other natural materials. A long solid oak dining table dominates the main living space. This space is entirely multi-functional and can serve different uses, determined by subtle changes in the configuration of the furniture. As well as being able to host a number of guests for dinner parties, with a quick slide of the sofa, the space opens up to enjoy watching some entertainment on the large TV screen, recessed into some wood panel detailing. The clever use and placement of mirrors, frosted glass and lighting opens the space more by creating the illusion of spaciousness. Day light has been maximized by cleverly designed translucent panels and reflective ceiling features.


The existing kitchen was a cramped, confined space, offering little storage and was generally inconvenient for creating meals for larger families and especially so for entertaining guests. Consequently, the footprint of the kitchen has been drastically increased, allowing for an in-built cooker top, storage and other amenities, resulting in the comfort and convenience from creating quick simple meals to wowing your guests with delicious gourmet dishes. All the materials used, stainless steel, wood, cement and natural stone are not only given a clean and elegant look, but are also protected against the harsh humid conditions.

The bathroom has also been given the same treatment as the kitchen, with the materials being protected from the inherently humid conditions of the bathroom. The styling of the bathroom presents itself as something you would expect to see from a high-end resort, providing that luxurious and relaxed holiday feeling. The Japanese style bath adds to this as well as the other intricate details such as the illuminated mirror and patterned tiles.


Both bedrooms have been given a simplistic yet fully functional form. All the furniture in the Master Bedroom is built-in and manufactured from pine. A double sized bunk creates a lot of space for sleeping, whilst the top bunk can double up as extra storage space. The sliding doors to the wardrobe have been designed with extruding wood strips which are both aesthetic and functional. The second bedroom is secluded away from the living room by a sliding door. Inside it is a private study room by day with plenty of storage space, and by night, a hidden bed can be pulled down to transform this area for sleeping.

All in all, the unit has been highly successful in squeezing out as much use as possible in such a small area and also has been surprisingly cost effective. By reusing materials from other projects or materials that were destined for the landfill, costs have been saved and waste has been minimized.


為上水公屋重新規劃,將260呎蝸居變成可容納3至8人的特色旅館。廳房地台新鋪木紋膠 板,既可減輕裝修支出,亦可縮短工程時間。

多功能梳化主導廳區牆身分別以水泥批盪、清鏡及木紋膠板處理,突出原始、不經打磨 的粗糙質感,將地台、牆身及天花完美連繫,亦可彌補日光不足的問題,更細心地在飯 廳一角加設特色木製吊扇,有助空氣流通。餐枱上的懸臂壁燈飾以黑色焗油鐵器配搭玻 璃燈膽,工業味道濃厚,加強室內的光影變化。

以松木趟門分隔的女房,上面是掩門吊櫃,中間是3呎反床(只可朝行晚拆),最底層是 一排櫃桶,通通可以收納。在牆身盡頭加設松木書枱連書架,高度還剛好收納整張松木 儲物櫈,五臟俱全。

同樣以松木打造而成的主人房,訂造闊約4呎半趟門衣櫃外,另設上下格床足夠3人使用 之餘,床架頂部刻意沿用松木,使壓迫感盡量減少。

加長了牆身的廚房,以水泥批盪處理單邊飾牆,對比廁所及露台的鐵綫玻璃趟門。廚房 編排了標準尺寸的雪櫃外,還可容納寬闊廚櫃兼具雙爐頭煮食設備,尤其實際。以不銹 鋼處理另一邊牆身及廚房工作枱面,方便屋主毋須花時打理。

面對無窗廁所的格局,拆去露台與廁所之間的磚牆,換一幅強化磨沙玻璃,取其透光不 透明的優點,令廁所多了扇大窗。以不同炭灰色的瓷磚物料鋪砌牆身及地台外,另以灰 色板石鋪砌浴室枱面及日式浸缸,讓屋主每天也可享受回家的自在與舒適。