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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | LIFE


Hajime Tsushima

Hajime Tsushima was born in Hiroshima in 1970. He graduated from the Product Design Department at a junior college. After he graduated, he worked in an environmental facilities company. He has established his own company since 1995 and worked on CI, branding, advertising, packaging, web and digital content.

The client of the poster “LIFE” is REKISEISHA, which is the only professional company with 100 years of history that specialises in gold and silver wallpaper in Hiroshima, Japan.

With the Hiroshima atomic bombing of 1945, the factory was burned down, about 50 staff members were injured. By utilising the burnt residue warehouses and chimneys, the factory was rebuilt. This poster has been designed to deliver the message of the rebuilt factory in memories of Hiroshima people’s ancestors and as an appeal for peace.

As REKISEISHA is the only company that specialises in gold and silver wallpaper in Japan, and gold has a special place in Japanese culture, Tsushima brings out the company’s background and character by drawing reference to Japanese calligraphy and ink painting. The poster is also intended to convey the continuity of gold, silver wallpaper and “sumi-e” (literally ink painting brush) folding screens in Japanese culture.


Tsushima is very surprised for being the Gold Awardee, as previous works he saw at HKDA are of very high quality. Therefore, he also thank HKDA for the honour.

對馬肇在1970年生於廣島,在一所中學的產品設計系畢業之後,投身一間環境設施的公 司工作,1995年自立門戶成立自己的公司,業務範圍包括企業形象、品牌、廣告、包裝 、網頁及數碼內容。

「生命」這張海報的客戶是株式會社歴清社。歴清社是日本廣島一個有過百年歷史專門 製造金、銀牆紙的生產商。

歴清社的工廠在1945年廣島原子彈爆炸時燒毀,五十名員工受傷,後來運用殘存的貨倉 和煙囪重建工廠。海報的目的是向工廠的訪客及公司帶出悼念廣島前人和宣揚和平的訊 息。

歴清社乃日本唯一一間專門製造金、銀牆紙的公司,而金在日本文化有其特殊位置,對 馬肇以具日本書畫型態的元素突顯歴清社的背景與特色,同時帶出金、銀牆紙和水墨畫 屏風於日本文化的不斷傳承。

對馬肇對得到金獎感到十分驚喜。因為以往的得獎作品水準非常高,所以對自己得獎感 到十分榮幸,同時對香港設計師協會表示謝意。