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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | MORE HUGS

  MORE HUGS Studio Sans Ltd

Sun Law is the Founder and Digital Art Director at Sans. He started his career as a graphic designer, and worked primarily with visual identity design. He then found out he has deep respect for simplicity and interactive design. In early 2011, he founded Sans and became fully committed to digital design.


There are two parts for his inspiration. The first part is very organic, which is their understanding about the client, the brand and the products. The second part is more strategic, which is from their research and study on the behaviour and experience of the target audience.

HKDA Global Design Awards is a good platform for designers to showcase their great works. It would be great if this award can become an annual event.

Most importantly, Sun would like to extend a big thank you to his teammates at Sans, for all the effort, support and friendship over the years.


羅榮燊是Sans的創辦人及數碼藝術總監。他以平面設計師的身份展開職業生涯,主要 負責視覺形象設計的工作。後來,他發現自己對簡約及互動設計有一份深深的敬意。 2011年初,他毅然創立Sans,並開始全力投入數碼設計。

他的靈感來自兩方面。第一方面是非常自然地形成的,就是他們對客戶、品牌及產品的 了解。第二方面比較富策略性,透過他們對目標受眾的行為和經驗作出研究和考察所得 。

香港設計師協會環球設計大獎是一個很好的平台,讓設計師展示他們的優秀作品。若大 賽能變成每年一度的盛事,更是美事一樁。