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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | mt expo 2015

mt expo 2015

iyamadesign inc.

Koji Iyama is an Art Director based in Tokyo. After studying the character of products and the venue closely, he got the inspiration of the award-winning entry “mt expo 2015”.


Washi tape, “mt” is a spin-off product of masking tape, which is usually used in construction site. Due to its various colors and patterns, “mt” got popular for personal decoration and developed a new market as a nifty and useful gadget. Many promotional exhibitions have been held in Japan and abroad, and hence this core exhibition “mt expo 2015” in Kobe.

At “mt expo 2015”, they exhibited 80,000 rolls of tape hanged from strings that cover a wide range of varieties. They decorated the floor, walls, windows, store furniture and equipments as well as cars and showed customers the possibility of “mt”. They tried to show customers as many unique aspects of “mt” as they could. The successive posters since the first exhibition in 2009 reflected the history of “mt”. They placed an actual cutting machine, which was moved from the factory, to show the fabrication process. They also provided a badge machine and a corner for people to create their own badges and their original notebooks with “mt”.


While Iyama is grateful to his client, customers, staff and his family, he also hopes that HKDA would become representative as a design competition that contributes to further the development of design in Asia.

居山浩二居於東京,是一位藝術總監。他一絲不苟地考察地點與產品特色之後,獲得其 得獎作品「mt博2015(mt expo 2015)」的創作靈感。

紙膠帶一般用於工地,而和紙膠帶(Washi tape)或「mt紙膠帶」則是紙膠帶的一種衍 生產品。mt紙膠帶因為顏色圖案種類繁多而廣受歡迎,人們喜歡利用這漂亮又實用的工 具去裝飾個人物件,逐漸發展出一個新興的市場。過往已有很多推廣和紙膠帶的展覽於 日本舉行,而於神戶舉辦的主要展覽「mt博2015」亦因此而來。

在「mt博2015」中,他們以線串連懸掛起80000卷膠帶,並陳列廣泛的種類。他們以mt 紙膠帶裝飾地板、牆壁、窗戶、商店家具設備以及轎車,充份向顧客展示其可能性。他 們又嘗試向客戶示範許多mt紙膠帶的獨特之處。自2009年首屆展覽起,每屆展覽的海報 往往都能反映mt紙膠帶的歷史。他們將一個實際的切割機從工廠運到展覽會場中以顯示 製造過程。他們又提供了一部襟章機及一個角落,讓人們用mt紙膠帶打造自己的徽章和 製作原創的筆記簿 。

居山藉此感謝他的客戶、顧客、員工以及他的家人之餘,也寄望香港設計師協會成為一 個具代表性的設計比賽,進一步推動亞洲設計的發展。