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19 Jul
Gold Awards | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | TUVE


Design Systems Ltd

“We inhale the nourishment from our lives, grasp the essence of our clients, embody the best of both worlds into our design to create aesthetic, meaningful, and enduring spatial solutions, and ultimately let aura manifest through sophisticated details.” Design Systems Ltd is a versatile interior and industrial design consultancy, founded by Mr. Lam Wai Ming in 1999. It provides creative and viable spatial design solutions in the areas of corporate office, branding and commercial retail, hospitality and restaurant, public space and urban furniture, exhibition, signage and art installation.

The client, TUVE, would like to differentiate this boutique hotel by rarity. Endorsing an alternative understanding of rarity, we refrain from using the most exotic and expensive materials or furniture to create a luxurious hotel, because we feel that the term “”luxury”” has much been vulgarised nowadays. Rather, the company prefers “”refinement””, another way of beauty that goes beyond the surface.


This boutique hotel is designed as a journey of unfoldment in both physical and psychological senses. It is a world of tranquillity, a moment of surprise, an emergence of emotions, upon the travellers’ arrival and entry into the space. The entire hotel experience, from the official website, social media, to the spatial discovery and stay, embodies and manifests the aesthetics and poetics underlying the philosophy of the hotel, which is a kind of hidden beauty to be discovered and appreciated with one’s heart and mind. By the meticulous arrangement of design elements, we hope to invoke a sense of discovery, to create a memorable hotel experience with undulating waves of feelings, ripples of delight.


Whenever they told the client the eccentric ideas they came up with, the latter happened to have similar thoughts in mind. Whenever they were yet to settle on a proposal they felt happy with in face of a deadline, the client would say “it’s all right” and give them more time, trusting their ability to do a better job. Whenever other people tried to refute their designs, the client would say they confide in the designer’s professionalism. All these happened in this project. They can only say that this is a project of wonder.


「我們從生活中吸取養分,擷取客戶品牌故事與企業價值的精髓,將兩者最好的融匯到 我們的設計,為客戶締造出秀雅俊逸、富蘊內涵且歷久不衰的空間,透過精緻的細節散 發氣質。」

「設計集人」由林偉明先生於1999年創立,是一家多元化的室內設計顧問公司,擅長於 辦公空間、品牌及商業店鋪、酒店及餐廳、公共空間及都市陳設、展覽、標識系統以至 裝置藝術等範疇,為客戶提供創意與實用兼備的設計方案。

TUVE這家精品酒店的創辦人希望以稀有的特質令其酒店別樹一幟。為此,設計集人重 新審視「稀有」的意義。他們覺得「豪華」這個詞語現在已經變得媚俗,所以摒棄以高 昂或異國特色的家具、物料建造一座豪華酒店;反之,以「細緻入微」— 一種超越表象 的美,作為這酒店的稀有之處。

這座精品酒店的設計,不論在實體或心理層面上,都是靜待旅客逐步揭開的旅程。旅客 甫抵埗、穿過大門,便能感受驚喜的一瞬、情感的萌發,進而探索這個寧靜世界。從出 發前接觸的官方網站、社交媒體專頁,至到埗後的空間發現與留宿,整個酒店體驗潛藏 散發着酒店理念背後的美學與詩意 — 一種需要用心發掘和感受的隱約含蓄之美。他們希 望透過嚴謹的設計,呈現酒店獨一無二的氣質與風度,為旅客帶來發現的樂趣,以源源 不絕的驚喜與感受塑造難忘的酒店住宿經驗。

當他們腦子裡有一些奇怪的念頭,講給客戶聽時,後者竟然告知他們其心中也是有着差 不多的想法;當他們費盡心思去完成方案,但到限期時也不是十分滿意,客戶竟然說「 不要緊,可以給你們多點時間」,相信他們可以做得更好;當其他人嘗試推翻他們的設 計時,客戶竟然說他們會相信設計師的專業;以上種種的事情都在這個項目中發生了, 他們只能說這是一個奇妙的專案。