The Hong Kong Designers Association

was founded in 1972. We are the biggest
designers association in Hong Kong

23 Dec
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Mission & Vision

Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) is obliged to set a role model for the young generation and groom future leaders for the creative industry in Hong Kong. Mentorship programme was established to provide a platform for mutual exchanges between practicing experienced designers, young designers and design students.

We also use Mentorship Programme as means to promote design related topics, to a wider group of audience who are interested in integrating innovations to the field of arts, business, technology, culture and society, by sharing the insights and outcomes of the projects led by groups of experienced designers (mentors) and young apprentices (mentees) on HKDA social media channels.


Benefits to Mentees

  • YOU will gain from the Mentor’s expertise;
  • YOU will expand your professional knowledge;
  • YOU will become a columnist under HKDA’s social networking platform;
  • YOU will build up networks for future career development;
  • YOU will receive reference letter from HKDA upon completion of the programme.


Project Theme

Polly Ho
(Fashion design)
Chinese style clothing
James Law
Cybertecture-smart cities
Jasman Pang
(Visual communication design)
The power of visual communication design
Eugene SZE
(Product design)
Vernacular Design
in Hong Kong -
Object · Concept · Style
Mandy Tsang
(Motion graphics)
Motion graphics -
Essential skill-sets
Bruce Wan
(Education / Interactive media)
Emerging design fields: Social Design, service design and design research


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