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18 Jul
Press Release | HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 | 新聞稿 | 香港設計師協會環球設計大獎 2016|

Hong Kong Designers Association Global Design Awards 2016 Result Announced

Dr. Kan Tai-keung received Lifetime Honorary Award


Hong Kong, 15 July 2016 – Hong Kong Designers Association (HKDA) announced the results of HKDA Global Design Awards 2016. The winners were honoured at an awards ceremony held on 15 July, 2016 at Asia Society. To recognise different levels of design excellence from multiple disciplines, HKDA presented the inaugural HKDA Lifetime Honorary Award along with over 250 awards including Gold, Silver, Bronze, Excellence, Hong Kong Best Award and Judge’s Choice Award. For a complete winners list of HKDA Global Design Awards 2016, visit


Acknowledged local and global creative forces


HKDA Global Design Awards has widely been acknowledged as one of the most established multi-disciplinary design competitions in the Asia-Pacific region since 1975. This year is the Awards’ 40th anniversary and it was sponsored by Create Hong Kong. The HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 ceremony was officiated by Gregory So Kam-leung, GBS, JP, Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development of Hong Kong.


HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 has marked a milestone by the outstanding quality of the submissions – a total of 1,200 superb entries were submitted from 20 countries. 14 world-class top-tier designers formed the judging panel and joined forces in Hong Kong in March 2016. They made tough decisions to pick winners from 4 main design categories spanning 41 sub-categories. These categories comprise Digital, Graphics, Products (including Fashion) and Spatial & Environmental.


An inaugural award to hail Hong Kong design master


To celebrate HKDA Global Design Awards’ 40th anniversary as well as HKDA’s 45th anniversary, the Association decided to present the first ever HKDA Lifetime Honorary Award and it went to Dr. Kan Tai-keung.


Being hailed asThe Godfather of Hong Kong Design, Dr. Kan Tai-keung has spent most of his life in the field of design. Not only does he contribute to the progress of design by constantly producing brilliant works, he also pushes the industry forward by implementing a business model to elevate the profession, and endeavours to promote design education. Kan has designed innumerable works in his half-century career for numerous clients. Throughout the years, Kan has won countless awards and honours, including the Silver Bauhinia Star from Hong Kong SAR and Doctor of Design honoris causa from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


‘The HKDA Lifetime Honorary Award pays tribute to a Hong Kong designer whose contribution has been continuously exceptional and Kan is a well-deserved first recipient of the award. Master Kan holds the distinction of being a trailblazer in the industry. He created a path for the design industry and attained success along the way.’ said David Lo, Chairman of The Hong Kong Designers Association.


Asian designers shined at the ceremony


Notable winners of Global Design Awards 2016 include 84000 Communications Ltd. Founded by the acclaimed local designer Stanley Wong (also known as Anothermountainman), the company has won 17 awards including a Gold award, a Hong Kong Best award and a Judge’s Choice award in the Graphics category for Stanley’s work tribute to masters, 12 books that pay tribute to 12 Japanese design masters who had the deepest influence on him as a designer.


Local design company TGIF founded by Gary Tong also took home 12 awards. They impressed the judges with their design of the Amnesty International Hong Kong Annual Report 2014, which brought this young company a Gold award and a Hong Kong Best award in the Graphics category.


iyamadesign inc., a Japanese company named after the Art Director Koji Iyama himself, came to the fore by winning eight awards including two Gold awards and three Judge’s Choice awards in the Spatial & Environmental and Graphics categories. Their use of washi tape, ‘mt’, a spin-off product of masking tape in the exhibitions mt expo 2015 and mt ex yokohama showed the unique aspects of ‘mt’ where they hung thousands of tapes from the ceiling spectacularly.


Tony Lau, Sub-Committee Chairman of HKDA Global Design Awards 2016, recognised the winners at the ceremony, ‘The 40th anniversary of HKDA Global Design Awards turns a remarkable page for the design history in Asia-Pacific. The huge diversity of the entrants and the quality of their works go far beyond our expectation! We are sure that they are the fruits of the diligent designers who always strive for perfection.’


4100°K Exhibition inaugurated


‘HKDA Global Design Awards is not merely a design competition to honour global design excellence, it also unleashes a year-long campaign that aims to promote innovative designs internationally,’ added Tony Lau. As a result, the announcement of the awards was followed by the launch of the consequent 4100°K Exhibition. It is open to the public for free at PMQ from 15 – 24 July.


4100°K, the theme of the HKDA Global Design Awards 2016 Exhibition, refers to the temperature of moonlight in the light spectrum. This title corresponds to that of the Award’s annual publication 6500°K, the temperature of daylight. They both signify the life of designers who work persistently between sunrise and moonrise from broad daylight until the dark night falls. The 4100°K Exhibition is the fruit of the designers’ hard work and perseverance for perfection. It features over 200 award-winning entries of HKDA Global Design Awards 2016, representing a wide variety of design categories including Digital, Graphics, Products, and Spatial & Environmental.


4100°K Exhibition: HKDA Global Design Awards 2016

Date: 15 – 24 July 2016

Time: 10:00 – 20:00

Venue: The Qube, 2/F, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central, Hong Kong

Fee: Free






2016年7月15日,香港 — 香港設計師協會於2016年7月15日假亞洲協會舉行的頒獎典禮上,公布香港設計師協會環球設計大獎2016之得獎名單。當日大會頒發本年度首設的「香港設計師協會終身榮譽獎」,連同金獎、銀獎、銅獎、優異獎、評審之選和「香港之最」逾250個獎項,廣泛表揚不同設計範疇表現卓越的設計單位。詳細得獎名單可到www.hongkongda.com瀏覽。




香港設計師協會環球設計大獎自1975年創立,是亞太區最具規模的跨界別設計比賽之一。大獎今年踏入40周年,獲得創意香港 (Create Hong Kong) 贊助。而香港設計師協會環球設計大獎2016頒獎典禮由香港商務及經濟發展局局長蘇錦樑GBS太平紳士擔任主禮嘉賓。














在香港設計師協會環球設計大獎2016上表現份外傑出的,計有八萬四仟溝通事務所有限公司,共獲17個獎項。此乃著名本地設計師黃炳培 (又稱「又一山人」)之事務所,他憑著其設計《tribute to masters》,於平面組別獲得金獎、香港之最和評審之選獎項。他創作了一系列共12本書籍向12位對其創作生涯影響最為深刻的日本設計大師致敬。




另一方面,日本公司iyamadesign inc.亦表現突出,在平面組別和空間及環境組別中獲得共8個獎項,當中有兩個金獎和三個評審之選獎項。公司之創辦人為現時擔任藝術總監的居山浩二,他以mt紙膠帶創作並將之重新演繹。和紙膠帶 (Washi tape),或稱mt紙膠帶,是用於工地的紙膠帶的一種衍生產品。於mt博2015及mt博橫濱展上,居山在展場掛上數千卷mt紙膠帶,場面宏偉華麗。




4100°K 展覽揭幕






4100°K 展覽:香港設計師協會環球設計大獎2016


時間:早上10 時至晚上8時

地點:香港中環鴨巴甸街35號元創方2樓The Qube