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    Graphic & Content Designer - Full Time
    August 7, 2017
    Central & Western Area
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    Bee’s International Group Limited is Hong Kong’s award winning diamond supplier and bespoke jeweller. We operate three brands across Hong Kong with a diversified clientele from all countries. We are now looking for a “Graphic and Content Designer” to join our newly formed Digital Marketing Team to help with the following work responsibilities:​

    1. Research, write and create materials for publication on behalf of two of the companies’ luxurious brands
    2. Create 2-D graphic designs, record videos and compose interesting and captivating posts for social media and company’s marketing and promotional campaigns
    3. Photograph products and design layouts for publication
    4. Liaise and work with Social Media Marketer by preparing posts and schedule for uploading onto various social media content
    5. Work with Marketing Director to set up and reach digital marketing goals

    Requirements & Benefits :

    1. Fluent with the use of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and video making programs
    2. Curious about surroundings and interested in writing and creating content for media, finding angles for stories and being creative
    3. Responsible, willing to work independently, excellent communication skills
    4. Medical benefits, flexible work schedule
    5. Attend to work in Central’s A-grade commercial building
    6. On the job training and be exposed to various aspects of business and decision making
    7. Opportunity to work in luxury goods industry and join a team of vibrant and happy staff
    8. Family friendly policy with friendly culture across all sectors of the company

    Please send CV along with e-portfolio to  Work reference letters (if any) would be appreciated.

    Posted: 2017/08/07 5:21 PM